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Lord Gerster Fights a Grizzly

In 1994 Lord Gerster was traveling through the wilderness of the Northern United States. As he was wandering through the woods he came to a river and decided to have fish for his evening meal.

Unfortunately, as he went to the forest to find a stick to use as a pole a group of grizzly bears took his spot. He politely asked them to leave, as he speaks Bear.

However, they refused to leave. After a brief back and forth the lead Grizzly challenged Lord Gerster to a fight.

Not one to back down, Lord Gerster charged in for the attack.

The fight was brief, but brutal. Lord Gerster took a few hits, but was victorious in the end.

To this day Lord Gerster holds the respect of the Grizzly community.

Though Grug, the loser of the battle, still insists he could have won if the sun was not in his eyes.

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