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Saves a Bus Full of Nuns

In 2002 the superfluity of nuns from St. Charsens was taking a bus from their convent to the NNC (National Nun Convention) when the worst happened. Their bus collided with a van of chimpanzee feed coming from the zoo. The bus burst into flames and all present thought that the nuns were done for.

Thankfully at the last moment Lord Gerster happened upon the incident and quickly stepped into action. Lord Gerster single handedly equipped himself from the supplies

Lord Gerster working to put out the fire.

he always keeps and stepped in to extinguish the fire. (See Image). Lord Gerster was able to extinguish the flames and bring the nuns to safety.

The Nuns of St. Charsens enjoying lunch with Lord Gers

As a thanks, Lord Gerster was given an honorary position within their church and regularly has lunch with the Abbess. She enjoys grilled cheese with tomato soup.

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